Disambig-icon.png This article is about the enchantment. For the food item, see The Witcher 3 food and drink.

Dumplings is a level 1 runeword which may be enchanted into a weapon by the Ofieri runewright.

The effect which this enchantment imparts makes any food item regenerate 100% more vitality when consumed. This is achieved by doubling the duration over which food items heal, so while the total amount of restored vitality is doubled, the rate at which it is restored remains the same.

Crafting Requirements Edit

Ingredient Amount

Pyerog runestone


Tvarog runestone


Notes Edit

  • The in-game crafting menu shows that two Pyerog runestones are needed to craft this enchantment, when in truth only one is required.

Trivia Edit

  • The recipe is a big joke - The components: Pyerog and Tvarog runestones, have names sounding like Slavic deities after which some runestones are named, e.g. Svarog, Dazhbog, Chernobog, Stribog, but referencing common food items - pierogi dumplings (the runestone itself requiring a dumpling as a component) and quark (Polish: twaróg) cheese (both the runestone and the cheese made with cow's milk). Then the runeword recipe is written as
    - Pyerog runestone
    - Tvarog runestone
    - Pyerog runestone
    referring to the most common kind Pierogi ruskie which are made with quark ckeese stuffing enclosed between two layers of dough.