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Tw3 Drahim by Michal Janiszewski
Drahim castle

Drahim Castle is a ruined estate located south of Novigrad. As its description says, it was a stronghold of powerful Redanian House of Moskovitz. After the tragic death of its last member, Prince Adrien, only ruins remain of castle. The formula for Rubedo can be found here, in addition to Prince Adrien's journal and a diagram for a Feline steel sword.

Map description Edit

In its glory years, this castle was home to the Redanian Moskovitz of the Sea Cats dynasty, patrons of the arts and admirers of elven culture. After the death by suicide of the dynasty's last member, Prince Adrien, the castle fell into the hands of the Redanian crown —- and then into ruin.

Associated quests Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Castle is inspired by the name and history of polish Zamek Drahim.

Gallery Edit

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