The Dragonslayer's Grotto is large cave located north-west of Downwarren, in the Crookback Bog area of Velen.

Despite the legends describing this place as the tomb of a powerful dragonslayer, it now houses a powerful vampire.

The location features a number of wraiths, and an ekimmara. There are clouds of poisonous gas, which may be dispersed with Igni for a time.

The Dragonslayer's Grotto fast travel signpost is located just outside the entrance.

The basic diagrams for the Griffin School Gear armor located in this dungeon.

Map description Edit

Underneath this fortress lies a musty, rank cave in which a traveler will find nothing but a few fattened leeches - if he's lucky. Nevertheless, village elders insist on repeating the legend that gave the grotto its name: that of a legendary dragonslayer said to be buried somewhere deep inside.

Bugs Edit

  • A level 20 leshen may be present in the cave. Ordinarily, it should spawn above the cave at ground level, yet due to a glitch the monster may be teleported down, which may prove rather problematic for lower-level players. Leaving the location and returning later, or reloading to an earlier save may solve the issue.
  • Meditating in or near the entrance to the cave may glitch out and spawn 20 wraiths instead of 2-3. This may be useful around higher levels though, most wraiths drop powder of gems which can be sold or used for crafting.