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Underneath this fortress lies a musty, rank cave in which a traveler will find nothing but a few fattened leeches - if he's lucky. Nevertheless, village elders insist on repeating the legend that gave the grotto its name: that of a legendary dragonslayer said to be buried somewhere deep inside.
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— In-game description
Dragonslayer's Grotto


The Dragonslayer's Grotto is large cave located north-west of Downwarren, in the Crookback Bog area of Velen.

Despite the legends describing this place as the tomb of a powerful dragonslayer, it now houses a powerful vampire.

The location features a number of wraiths, and an ekimmara. There are clouds of poisonous gas, which may be dispersed with Igni for a time.

The Dragonslayer's Grotto fast travel signpost is located just outside the entrance.

The basic diagrams for the Griffin School Gear armor located in this dungeon.

Bugs Edit

  • A level 20 leshen may be present in the cave. Ordinarily, it should spawn above the cave at ground level, yet due to a glitch the monster may be teleported down, which may prove rather problematic for lower-level players. Leaving the location and returning later, or reloading to an earlier save may solve the issue.