This is now a standard option in The Witcher (PC), since the release of the Enhanced Edition. But for those using earlier patches it may be useful.

How to disable AutoSave in The Witcher Edit

1. First know your installation path to the game. Replace the X with your current path to where you installed the game.

  • Go to game installation folder which should be something like this:
X:\XXX\The Witcher\System
Mine is at
H:\Games\The Witcher\System

2. Create a .txt file inside the System folder by right-clicking in that folder and selecting 'New -> Text Document' (This may vary from system to system, example given is under Windows XP). Name your created file:


3. Now open your newly created file with Notepad if you have not already. Add these lines to it and save:

[Server Options]
Disable AutoSave=1

Warning: Disabling Autosave can have adverse effects on game play, often causing your character to become unmovable at level transitions where a cinematic sequence is supposed to play. In order to work around these character control lock-ups you need to save your game, exit to main menu and then reload your saved game again (trying to reload your save without exiting to the main menu first will not work).

  • A suggested alternative which may or may not work is to change the player.ini file to alter how frequently the game autosaves. You can do this by changing "Disable Autosave=1" to "Disable Autosave=0" and then adding the following line below it:
Auto Save Interval=300
  • If problems are still encountered then delete player.ini completely and wait for December 8th when Patch version 1.2 is due for release and promises shorter level load times.