Overview Edit

  • Modification for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, only for game version 2.0! The file should be removed if there is an update to the game, unless confirmed OK. If used with other game versions, cutscenes necessary to the game may fail to appear.
  • Release date: 17 October 2011
  • Author Dragonbird
  • Available at Witchernexus


Cutscenes used for finishers such as Aard Stun, Adrenaline rush etc. will not appear. The enemy will just drop dead, with no animation effects.

  • Attention: Not recommended to use on your first playthrough, as the cutscenes are part of the game as provided by the developer.


File: CookedPC\globals\cutscene.csv

Unzip the file into CookedPC. The globals subfolder will probably already exist. If there is an existing cutscene.csv file in it, take a backup before replacing.

To uninstall: delete the file above. Warning! Do not delete the globals subfolder, or any other files in this folder, as this is used for other game assets.