Dice Poker: The Sharper is an optional sub-quest of A Game of Dice. It is spawned once Geralt has beaten four professional players. The stakes are higher still, but the winnings are nothing to sneeze at.

Walkthrough Edit

Quest Items dice

Beat the sharpers one by one as you meet them during your journey. The quest ends when you have beaten three sharpers. You can then look forward to playing a legendary player, maybe even the king! This spawns the Dice Poker: The Legend quest.

It is not actually necessary to complete this quest to do Dice Poker: The Legend. It is just nice for continuity.

Notes Edit

  • Either Zoltan or Dandelion can tell Geralt about sharpers.
  • Asking The Witcher dice poker for a game in the Gambers' Den (not to be confused with the Gambling den from the Side Effects Module) in Chapter III without having beaten four professionals initiates this quest but advancing it only becomes possible after beating the professionals.
  • You must only beat three out of the four sharpers you encounter, so your journal entries may not include all the entries you see below, nor will the phases you do see necessarily be in the same order as shown below.
  • You can find Chireadan during the daytime near the Elven cave on the Lakeside. At night he is inside the cave, sleeping, but does not seem to mind being roused for a quick game of dice.
  • Dandelion is in permanent residence at the Country Inn for the duration of Chapter IV.
  • It may be possible to play the Ghost twice and have two journal entries. One with the first meeting where the two play for Alvin's well-being and again as a casual game.

Sharpers Edit

People Nobleman 3
People Gambling ghost full
People Dandelion full
People Elf full

Phases Edit

Note: The 400 XP increments listed below are only earned for the first three players, whichever three Geralt plays and wins against first. The rest are listed for information purposes.

Too Good for Me Edit

Though I have some experience, I won't be allowed to play at some tables before I become a professional. I won't be allowed to join closed games until I become a professional poker player.

Sharpers Edit

I'm a professional poker player and I can now join closed games. We shall see how good those sharpers really are. As a professional I can play real sharpers now.

Entering the Gambling Den Edit

As a professional poker player I'll be able to enter any gambling den in Vizima. And only the best play there. I can play poker in gambling dens now.

The Gambling Den Edit

I beat the best sharper in Vizima. That means something. I wonder if there are any better players. I beat a sharper. I need another opponent. (400 XP)

The Elven Sharper Edit

The elf Chireadan is one of the few members of the elder race to appreciate poker. He's had centuries to perfect his technique, so he may prove a tough opponent. I can play Chireadan.

Chireadan Edit

Years of training failed to protect the elf from defeat. I beat Chireadan hands down and need another opponent. I beat Chireadan and need another opponent. (400 XP)

The Ghost Edit

One's passion for poker can even overcome death, preventing some from leaving this world. Should I play a dead man? Intriguing. I can play poker with the gambling ghost.

The Ghost Edit

I played the ghost and won. He wasn't half bad for a dead man. I wonder if there are any better than him. I beat the gambling ghost. I can't wait to find another sharp. (400 XP)

Dandelion Edit

Still waters run deep. Dandelion brags about being one of the best players under the sun. Let's see how wrong he is. I can play Dandelion.

Dandelion Edit

Dandelion - undoubtedly a better poet than a poker player. But the truth be told, he's an outstanding poet and not bad at dice poker either. I won nonetheless and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll find anyone better. I beat Dandelion. I need another opponent. (400 XP)

The Sharper Edit

I defeated three legendary sharpers. If they couldn't beat me, no one can. I proved I can outplay most sharpers. (1500 XP)