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Diagram: Draug armor

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Diagram: Draug armor
Tw2 item diagram
Crafting diagram
Category Magical
Components Tw2 ingredient robustcloth 18x robust cloth
Tw2 ingredient hardenedleather 8x hardened leather
Tw2 ingredient draugessence 1x draug essence
Tw2 ingredient twine 8x twine
Tw2 ingredient draugarmorfragment 1x draug armor fragment
Source Mael / Lasota
Price to buy13011625 Tw2 icon oren
Price to sell66 Tw2 icon oren
Weight Tw2 icon weight 0.1

The diagram enables the user to craft Draug armor. It can be purchased from Lasota in the Kaedweni camp or Mael in Vergen.

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