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The Devil's Pit is a large abandoned quarry located east from the village of Mulbrydale in Velen that has been taken over by a group of deserters from Temerian army.

Map description Edit

The inhabitants of Velen believe the expanse of caverns underneath the Devil's Pit are home to demons.

Notes Edit

Devil's Pit features an extensive cave system that is inaccessible by any conventional means in-game, possibly because it was deemed unfinished by the developer. Despite this, there are lootable and interactable objects in the inaccessible area, such as light sources and a unique cage.

Deeper in the caves, there are some peculiar sights, such as two winged statues flanking a tall, wooden door that leads to a wall, a wooden stand holding two horns, and a large, partially-buried stone circle. There are also piles of bodies; some directly below the trapdoor at the centre of the yard, and others scattered throughout the cave.

Map Edit


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