Destination: Skellige is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is given automatically upon completion of the quest Imperial Audience.

Journal entry Edit

The search for Ciri had taken Yennefer to the wind-swept Skellige Isles - that is to say, lest your mind fill with visions of our elegant sorceress shivering on some barren rock - it had taken her to a suite of comfortable rooms near Kaer Trolde Castle on the isle of Ard Skellig. Geralt was to join her there and thus set off to the port in Novigrad, where he hoped to find a captain bold enough to brave the pirate-infested waters en route.
After much searching, Geralt found just such a man. A certain Captain Wolverstone had agreed to sail to Skellige. Whether he was abnormally brave or abnormally stupid is unknown – the vodka he gulped in buckets could have enhanced either quality. We can also hope it helped sooth his nerves when, to no one's surprise, pirates attacked the ship off the archipelago's shores. Geralt was thrown overboard during the tussle, and awoke face-down in the Skellige sand.
Geralt recovered from his tumultuous landing and eventually reached Kaer Trolde castle – home to Crach, jarl of Clan an Craite. There he discovered all the notables of Skellige had gathered to bury King Bran, who had breathed his last a few days prior. In attendance as well: Yennefer.

Objectives Edit

  • Find a boat headed to Skellige.
  • Look for the ship's captain at the Golden Sturgeon.
  • Sail to Skellige with Captain Wolverstone.
  • Defeat the pirates.
  • Go to the port near Kaer Trolde.
  • Teach Steingrim a lesson. (optionally)

Notes Edit

  • You can get back the 1000 coins you have to pay Captain Wolverstone. When you wake up at the coast, search for the eastern shipwreck nearby. The dead captain lies behind it with your money.
  • There is a Place of Power slightly submerged in the water directly behind you where you wake up on the coast.