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Dennis Cranmer is a dwarf and captain of Duke Hereward's guards. He's stocky, with flaxen hair and beard and steel-grey eyes. He is depicted as a very fair and impartial individual, if fervently dedicated to fulfilling his duties "to the letter". It is his adherence to this particular principle which saves Geralt, when the witcher is forced to participate in a seemingly unwinnable duel.

While Geralt and the captain do not initially seem to see eye to eye, they part on very good terms.

He featured in final instalment of "The Voice of Reason", the framing short story in The Last Wish collection.

In the Movie and TV series Edit


Dennis Cranmer (Wojciech Deneka) in The Hexer TV series

Cranmer was played by Wojciech Deneka in the 9th episode, "Świątynia Melitele" (The Temple of Melitele).

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