Deed to Corvo Bianco is a book and quest item in the Blood and Wine expansion. After dealing with the Shaelmaar from the Emperor of Nilfgaard, a cutscene and discussions will unfold and eventually the Duchess Anna Henrietta will bestow this on Geralt.

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We, Anna Henrietta, by the grace of the gods Duchess of Toussaint, do hereby grant Geralt of Rivia, Crest of the Bridge, the lands belonging to the estate of Corvo Bianco, together with all goods and chattel found thereon
Furthermore, Geralt of Rivia now becomes the owner of the estate and swears to see to its care and upkeep. He is to make it fertile and beautiful and shall enrich himself from the harvest that the land provides, for his own glory and the glory of Toussaint.
Let it be known to all and sundry that in our fair domain, deeds of beauty shall never go unrewarded and the land shall never lie fallow, for both deeds and land exist to bear good fruit.
Her Illustrious Grace, Anna Henrietta

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