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Declan Leuvaarden is a rich merchant from Nilfgaard, and member of the Guild of Merchants whom Geralt met at an inn in the Outskirts. Leuvaarden seems a resourceful and wealthy man with extensive contacts. He lives in the Trade Quarter of Vizima. In Chapter II during the day, he can be found on the dike, from where he runs his business. In Chapter III, his base of operations moves to the banquet facilities, upstairs at The New Narakort in the Trade Quarter.

The Witcher (PC) Edit

He buys and sells:

He has apparently known Triss Merigold for some time and is very well connected in Viziman society. He is on close speaking terms with the burgomeister, Velerad, the chief of Temerian secret intelligence, Thaler, and the Princess herself, Adda.

Associated Quests Edit

Declan is a major game character and plays a part in several quests.

Journal entry Edit

I met Declan Leuvaarden, a rich merchant from Nilfgaard, at an inn in the Outskirts. Leuvaarden seems a resourceful and wealthy man with extensive contacts. He lives in the Trade Quarter of Vizima. During the day he can be found on the Dike, from where he runs his business.

Although Leuvaarden seemed to be working with Salamandra, he turned out to be innocent. But I still sense the Nilfgaardian has something to hide.

It seems Leuvaarden belongs to a secret organization. He refused to reveal any details.

Leuvaarden represents a secret organization euphemistically referred to as the Merchants' Guild. They wish to destroy Salamandra, because the bandits have become too powerful and threaten the Guild's interests. This is why Leuvaarden has aligned himself with Triss Merigold, who represents the sorceresses. I joined them to create a triumvirate, though I only represent myself.

Not all his businesses are legal. He prefers to keep some of his deals very quiet.

The city guards are used to receiving bribes from Leuvaarden, who clearly is not the city's most law-abiding resident.

In the world of big finance, Declan Leuvaarden is in his element. He does business via banks and other middlemen, which makes tracing his transfers a very difficult task.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

Tw3 notice board note 2

A posting on the Notice board near Cunny of the Goose in Velen is signed by Declan Leuvaarden.

Dear Customers,

War's governed by harsh laws. For almost two decades I've imported the finest Nilfgaardian wares to the North and sold them to you at fantastic prices, prices so low, and this I swear, sometimes I made no profit at all. Sadly, renewed conflict between our nations has made the continuation of this trade impossible. I won't be coming this year for the Belleteyn fair - so you shan't have any Angren lace, Nazairi velvet or that world-famous Ebbing lemon I know you all are so fond of. Forgive me, good people - and drink to my health.
- Declan Leuvaarden

Notes Edit

Gallery Edit

Significant plot details end here.

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