Death by Fire is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. While traveling along the road from Codger’s Quarry you’ll come across a cottage on fire, surrounded by a group of bandits.

Summary Edit

You can either defeat them now on your own, or break the door down and free the she-elf inside, who will help you in battle using her bow. Once the bandits are dead, talk to the elf, and she tells you about a tree stump nearby. Go around the back of the building to find a tree stump with some loot in it.

Journal entry Edit

Men can be terribly cruel, especially to those of different races. The witcher had seen humans persecute nonhumans far too often. This time he witnessed a particularly appalling scene - a group of thugs wanting to burn a she-elf alive.
Fortunately, the witcher managed to defeat the bandits and save the elf. Unfortunately, the witcher cannot be everywhere at once and not every victim of racial persecution can count on his help.

Objectives Edit

  • Defeat the bandits.
  • Clear the doorway and free the elf.
  • Talk to the survivor.

Videos Edit

Death by Fire- Geralt Saves She-Elf from Burning Alive (Witcher 3 - Quest)06:07

Death by Fire- Geralt Saves She-Elf from Burning Alive (Witcher 3 - Quest)