Deadly Crossing is the official name for three minor unmarked secondary quests in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. However, a fourth has been added to this list as it has the same setup as the rest.

At the bridges and river crossings of war-torn Velen, expect to encounter groups of ne'er-do-wells. They can be hostile, so use diplomatic conversation choices, avoid them, or engage them.

First deadly crossing Edit

At the Troll Bridge you encounter a group of bandits ordering a toll to be paid. Your words speak louder than your actions, at least at first:

  • (50Oren3) Pay the bandit, and cross the bridge.
  • (Axii Level 2) Flummox the bandits, and pass.
  • Introduce the three bandits to the pointy end of your steel sword. Then manually lower the bridge at the wooden winch.[1]

Second deadly crossing Edit

Tw3 deadly crossing looters

Bridge Looters: A couple of looters are sifting through the corpses of the fallen Black Ones at the long wooden river bridge north of Lindenvale. They've found a weapon they want to sell. You can:

  • (525Oren3) Pay them and take the Mourner.
  • Refuse, and be on your way.
  • Refuse, kill them and take the sword for free.

Third deadly crossing Edit

This one is not part of the official list. See Highwayman's Cache for more details.

At the bridge east of the Boatmakers' Hut are 3 bandits demanding a toll. They can be hostile or told to back down. If they back down, they'll make their way up the road to the Boatmaker's Hut and stand around there.

  • Fight them by saying they'll have to take the coin off you
  • Point out your medallion and be allowed to pass through

Fourth deadly crossing Edit

Tw3 deadly crossing 2
Find them west of Dragonslayer's Grotto, in the woods by a small wooden log bridge over a ravine. A few steps east are some nekkers to slay, and a group of looters at a path junction.

Notes Edit

  • Second deadly crossing is only available at night.

References Edit

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