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Journal entry Edit

Rosa var Attre
Like a rose abashed of its crimson hue,
rair Rosa would sink into humors blue.
She shunned her lessons in civility
to swing her Dwarf with agility.
~ a charming garden-enclosed villa in Gildorf
Though well she knows the touch of silk and lace,
she shuns not straw when gripped in lust's embrace.
~ Gildorf, villa next to the morgue
Though timid in looks, no adventure did skip her.
My heart melts when she asks, "Ever had a Big Dipper?"
~ Farcorners, laundry near the mouth of the Pontar
Though her cries are divine when behind closed doors,
Standing on stage, her squawks are drowned by snores.
~ The Bits, near Pauper's Square
A figure most rare, her nature dual.
Look deep in her eyes, or be made a fool.
~ Tailor's shop across from the tannery

Associated quest Edit

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