This sword can be found in the Nekker cave while escorting Brigida during Crown Witness. It is added in the Enhanced Edition update. Along with Forgotten vran sword, Caerme, and Mourner, it is one of the best steel swords in the game. It is only accessible in chapter 3.

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  • Availability of Dancer in Act 1

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    • Its not  in a secret room. Its in some coffin. Gotta be pretty random loot. Played da game like 6 times, and i only found it once.
    • Please click on the linkk
  • Found in the Burned Down Hospital?

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    • i found a ''Crafting diagram'' for "dancer" in the burned down hospital in act 1. But only in the XBOX360 version...
    • Got it in the ruined hospital (PC Enhanced), Might be a random loot, or you need help the Nilfgaard soldier. Don't know. It's certai...