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Secondary quests

Daily Bread is a Secondary quest given by Toruviel, leader of the Elves of Murky Waters, in Chapter IV.

Walkthrough Edit

Toruviel requests five loaves of Bread Food Bread, which she believes will cost 20 Items Oren, to feed herself and her compatriots.

It doesn't matter where the bread comes from in order to complete the quest, but If Geralt decides to buy the bread from an NPC (namely, the Baker), it will actually costs 25 Items Oren, not 20 Items Oren, so Geralt can choose to:

  • pay the extra out of his own pocket, return to the elven refuge and say nothing to Toruviel, or
  • give Toruviel four loaves, explaining the price difference.

Notes Edit

Places Bakers house

If you have been diligent about keeping your "shopping" up to date, you will have this bread ready. Otherwise, go see the baker in the village of Murky Waters and steal or buy some from him (there are four loaves of bread in his wardrobe to steal, so you may have to supplement that with what you find for free, or with a purchased loaf).

Buns don't count as bread in the game. If you go with 4 bread and 1 bun to Toruviel you will lose 1000 XP for nothing.

Phases Edit

Bread Edit

Toruviel gave me 20 orens and asked me to buy five loaves of bread for the elves. I must find a baker or a merchant. I must find a baker or a merchant. (20 Items Oren)

A Bread Run Edit

If you buy four loaves: I could only get four loaves for twenty orens. Time to get back to the elves in the cave. I should take the bread to Toruviel. (−20 Items Oren) or
If you buy five loaves: Twenty orens was enough to buy four loaves, but I bought a fifth one out of my own pocket. Anything for Toruviel... I should take the bread to Toruviel. (−25 Items Oren)

Four Loaves / Five Loaves Edit

If you bought four loaves: Toruviel complained about human greed. Maybe she's right? Either way, those loaves won't save the elves from starving. A few loaves of bread won't save the elves from starving. (7000 XP) or
If you bought five loaves: Toruviel was thankful for the bread, but what I bought can't save the elves, that's clear. A few loaves of bread won't save the elves from starving. (8000 XP)

Video Edit

Lakeside Elves Toruviel and Chireadan05:36

Lakeside Elves Toruviel and Chireadan

Meeting with Toruviel: Daily Bread Quest

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