Possible tributes to Dagon include:

People Friendly Vodyanoi priest full A blood sacrifice in the form of one of Dagon's own acolytes.
People Strawberry A blood sacrifice in the form of a cow, Murky Waters' beloved Strawberry.
Quest Items Ladys ruby A drop of the Lady of the Lake's blood.

But not so fast, these things take work. Sure that acolyte is just hanging around Dagon's altar, waiting to be sacrificed, but Strawberry must be lured to the altar if she is to be sacrificed.

Food Dried Fruit and Nuts Dried fruit and nuts are her favourite.

To obtain the Lady's ruby, she too must be satisfied with two of the following items, but which two?

Quest Items Priests staff A priest's staff
Quest Items Golden calf A golden calf
Quest Items Gold bracelet A gold bracelet
Quest Items Alabaster figurine An alabaster figurine of a young vodyanoi taming a water elemental.
Quest Items Alinas garland Alina's bridal wreath
Quest Items Gramps diamond Gramps' diamond