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DLG files are based on BioWare's Generic File Format (GFF), and it is assumed that the reader of this article is familiar with GFF.

The v3.3 format, used in the game is backwards-compatible with Conversation Format v3.2, so I will only mention the differences here.

These files are specific interest to wiki editors! They contain all the information from the game Journal entries, including ingredients, potions, bombs, oils, locations and character entries in all the officially supported languages (Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Czech, Hungarian, Italian and Russian).

Dialogue Structure Edit

In addition to fields listed in Table 2.2.1 of Conversation Format, the following fields are also present:

Label Type Description
GPAction DWORD Additional action associated with this entry.
GPActionParam1 CExoString Parameter #1
GPActionParam2 CExoString Parameter #2
GPActionParam3 CExoString Parameter #3
Interlocutor CExoString In poly-logs (dialogues between 3 or more persons), denotes a person to whom the phrase is addressed.
NodeType DWORD  ?
VoicesetTag INT  ?
CameraShot BYTE  ?
ReqFlagList list of Flag structures Flags and their values to match for the entry/reply to be displayed.
FlagsAfterList list of Flag structures Values to set to the flags after the entry/reply is displayed.
EmotionalState list of EmotionalState structures Emotional state to set after displaying the entry.
</tt>RotateTowards</tt> list of RotateTowards structures  ?

EmotionalState structure Edit

Label Type Description
ESCreature CExoString Character for setting the emotional state.
ESName CExoString Name of the emotional state to be set.

RotateTowards structure Edit

Label Type Description
Name CExoString  ?
Value CExoString  ?

Actions Edit

GPAction Description GPActionParam1 GPActionParam2 GPActionParam3
0 No action Not used Not used Not used
0 Pay money Sum Not used Not used
1 Play "Drinking" mini-game Script to execute on failure. Not used Not used
2 Show signet Name of the correct ring Script to execute for unknown signet. Not used
3 Give present Good present Bad present Script to execute for unknown gift.
4 "Dice". Not used. Not used Not used Not used
5 Item storage Not used Not used Not used
6 Open shop interface Not used Not used Not used
7 Fistfight Minimal bet Maximal bet Waypoint name prefix (only used in cn_cm_35fist01.dlg).
8 Sleep Room price Not used Not used
9 Play "Dice" mini-game NPC to play with Win script Loose script
10 Upgrade sword Not used Not used Not used
11 Bribe Minimal amount Not used Not used

Note this table was taken from the gameplayconv.2da file.

NPC Entry structure Edit

In addition to fields described in Table 2.2.3 of Conversation Format, the following field is also present:

Label Type Description
ResponsesList List of Response structures.  ?

Response structure Edit

Seems to be connected with "Come back later" types of responses.

Label Type Description
ResponseX DWORD  ?
ResponseY DWORD  ?

External links Edit

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