There are two major cut scenes in The Witcher (PC): the "intro" and the so-called "outro". These two scenes are given the full cinematic treatment and together they frame the story told in the game. There are also a number of less elaborate cut scenes throughout the game. Each Chapter is also framed by opening and closing scenes. Pivotal plot points are elucidated in the same manner.

Intro Edit

The introductory cut scene, or "intro", depicts most of the short story "The Witcher" by Andrzej Sapkowski. This is the story of the first time Geralt is asked to remove a curse from a Princess. In fact, it is the same curse and the same princess that he must save in the game.

Outro Edit

The ending cut scene, or "outro", is very dramatic and leaves many unanswered questions. Questions which will hopefully be answered in an upcoming sequel.

Static cut scenes Edit

Each Chapter of the game opens with a static cut scene. These scenes are made up of large format images which are panned over with a narrative voice-over. Pivotal plot points and some of Geralt's thoughts and memories are also presented in this manner. There are sixty of these though many are path-dependent, so in any single play through of the game a player would only see about half of them.

  • The image files for those cut scenes can be found here.