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There are three Crumpled letters:

Crumpled letter from HalleyEdit

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

Come back to me, I'm begging you. Each day's more dangerous than the last. There's strange men lurking outside the house. Watching me. Carrying weapons. I'm afraid they know something about our stash of valuables and are waiting for a chance to rob us – or worse.
I remember what you wrote earlier. That you can't abandon your post now, that they owe you back pay, that if you don't wait, the coin's gone for good. But what would you rather be – a rich widowers, or a poor husband?
Your Halley

Crumpled letter from OlleEdit

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

Master Varese's asked after his coin. For the first and last time. Either you repay it all with interest tomorrow, or you'll see why Master Varese's called "The Cleaver."

Crumpled letter from Robert de MereEdit

Associated Quest Edit

Journal entry Edit

Dear Sir,
You were kind enough to share with me your doubts concerning the contract. You made it clear you believe it impossible for a man to turn into a nekker. You even drove the point home with a humorous comparison, saying, I believe, "same as a pig won't turn into a horse, not even if you strap a saddle on it and call it Black Beauty."
It is entirely possible that you are right. But if there exists even the shadow of a chance that my son has been imprisoned in the body of that monster, that some spell or curse has done this to him, then I will not rest until I try every possible way of helping him.
That is why I would ask you to refrain from further attempts at humor and keep your doubts to yourself. Instead, channel those energies towards doing the job for which you shall be paid. Catch the nekker, and collect your gold. The rest should not interest you.
Respectfully yours,
-Robert de Mere

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