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The Crown (also known as the Novigrad crown) is a monetary unit which is used in some Northern Kingdoms, including:

One crown is the equivalent of one hundred coppers. In the short story collection The Last WishNenneke tells Geralt, that the Crown currently has a value of six and a half orens and is still rising.

In Baptism of FireZoltan comments that a good arrow is worth half a crown, to which Milva replies 'He knows his prices'.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit


The Crown is the main currency of third instalment of trilogy. It replaces the currency used in the previous two games, the Oren. Orens and florens can only be brought either to Vimme Vivaldi at Novigrad's Vivaldi Bank or to Giacomo Cianfanelli at Beauclair's Cianfanelli Bank and exchanged for crowns.

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  • The crown is a name shared by currencies of Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.