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Crookback bog by creathor4005-d8vuu64

 The Crookback Bog is a large swamp area in the southern Velen, in the depths of No Man's Land. Its introduced for the first time in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Tw3 map of the Bog

Crookback bog is merely a home for the beasts of the Northern Kingdoms, yet an orphanage of orphaned  and unwanted children lies in the middle of the swamp and a grotto of a friendly godling Johnny. Crones of the Crookback bog are the Goddes worshipped by the people who live nearby the swamp area. Inhabitants of Downwarren village, which have been spared by the war somehow, worships the Crones of Crookback Bog.

Crookback Bog's Orphanage is ruled by Gran. There is a Pagan chapel where Gran can ritually communicate with the Crones by the Tapestry. Mostly the swamp is filled with Drowners. Also few other enemies such as Water Hags can be found there. On the mountainside of the Crookback bog, Harpies and a Wyvern can be found. During one of the Crookback Bog missions "The Whispering Hillock " Geralt is sent to lift the curse of the Ancient oak tree. There Geralt needs to first confront a Werewolf if the player chooses to enter the cavern of the ancient oak by the northern side. Inside the cavern player will fight against few archasaes. The main beast to destroy or spare is The Ghost in the tree.

Relation to story Edit

Geralt is informed by Keira Metz to go to Crookback bog to find more clues about Ciri. Once Geralt finds the Orphans of Crookback Bog he needs to speak to Gran. Gran is not willing to help Geralt and this starts a series of Quests in the Crookback bog.

Bloody Baron carrying his wife.

Once Geralt has learned that the Gran of the orphans is Anna, the wife of Bloody Baron he informs the Baron of Crow's Perch that Anna is located in the Crookback bog. This starts a new quest in the Crookback bog called "Return to Crookback bog ". Depending on player's choices in the quest "Whispering hillock", the progress of this mission will be affected by those choices:

If the player spared the Ghost in the tree, Geralt will arrive to Downwarren which is slaughtered down by the wraiths, Baron and Geralt will head to the Orphanage and find Witch Hunters of Eternal Fire with Bloody Baron's child Tamara. They Will short after find that Anna is cursed with a powerful curse by the Crones. A Fiend will attack the Orphanage. After killing the Fiend, Geralt will gain more information on how to lift the curse and returns to the orphanage. Johnny had informed Geralt that the Crones have something to do with Anna's curse in the basement of the chapel. Geralt and one of the witch hunters (if player chooses not to go alone) will decide which one of the dolls belongs to Anna. Once the right doll is taken Anna's curse will be lifted. Unfortunately, by lifting the curse Anna dies shortly after saying goodbyes to her husband and child. Bloody baron will later hang himself to the tree in the Crow's Perch's courtyard. NOTE: If the player chooses a wrong doll, Anna will burn alive and this leads to a bittersweet ending where Tamara rages at Geralt and Bloody Baron will hang himself. 

If the player destroyed the Ghost in the tree, Geralt will arrive to Downwarren which is filled with Bloody Baron's men asking the directions to the swamps. Geralt and Baron will head to the Orphanage and find Witch Hunters of Eternal Fire with Bloody Baron's child Tamara. They Will short after find that Anna has some sort of condition of folly. A Fiend will attack the Orphanage. After killing the Fiend, Tamara asks Geralt if he can lift the curse off her mother but Geralt responses that she has lost her mentality, it's not a curse. Bloody Baron says that he will bring Anna to a hermit, a wise man who will help Anna. Tamara wants to go with Bloody Baron to protect her mother but needs to stay in Velen to help the Church of the Eternal fire
Significant plot details end here.


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  • Knight of Temerian king Geddes, Martin of Oakdale, governed the area from tower in 7th century.[1] 
  • In the book called She Who Knows that can be found in Yennefer's bedroom is explained more specifically the story of Crones. 


Notes & references Edit

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