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Reavers hunters

A band of Crinfrid Reavers finishing off black dragon

The Crinfrid Reavers were a group of mercenaries from Crinfrid specialized in fighting dragons and draconids and active throughout the second half of the thirteenth century. Originally they were only three - Kennet, Gar and their leader Boholt and they joined many hunts, like the one Myrgtabrakke, a dragon who lived outside Barefield, organized by King Niedamir.[1] However, after Boholt lost his memory the remaining two beast hunters decided it would be wise to recruit. Around 1271, they took a first apprentice called "Newboy"[2] and a few years later they had entire bands of men like Jamor and Auwry, which they dispatched to countries as far as Toussaint.[3]

The Crinfrid Reavers wiped out all of the dracolizards and forktails in Redania. They also killed three red dragons and one black dragon.[1]

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  • Gar (Polish: Niszczuka) is also known as Desbrut
  • The Crinfrid Reavers appeared in the "Smok" episode of The Hexer.
  • The Crinfrid Reavers make an appearance in the prologue of The Witcher 2. At that point in time, they are without Boholt and have a new recruit, Newboy.
  • In the Blood and Wine expansion, a group of Crinfrid Reavers make an appearance during the secondary quest, Mutual of Beauclair's Wild Kingdom, where Geralt can reveal they share mutual acquaintances (namely Boholt, Kennet, Desbrut, and Newboy).

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