Crime and Punishment is one of the secondary quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

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Yorg's Sister

While sailing around the northern cliffs of Ard Skellig, Geralt found a man named Yorg chained to a rock on a spit of land jutting out of the mountains just east of the Ancient Crypt and north of Fort Etnir and Rogne. As Geralt arrived the man was being attacked by three Lv 18 harpies while chained to a rock. After Geralt slew the harpies he asked the man why he was chained to the rock. The prisoner begged for mercy and told the witcher that he was framed for the murder of a man he didn't like named Gretter. If the witcher refuses to believe him the quest will immediately fail. If Geralt believes him, he will thank the witcher and offer to get him back if they ever meet again. Once freed the quest will complete and Geralt will be rewarded with 10Tw3 icon xp.

Geralt can then come across a group of skelligers, just northwest of the signpost in Rogne, who are gathered around the grave of Gretter giving praise to what a good man he was, and that Yorg was a vile criminal who should have been punished more severely. Yorg's sister will then call out that her brother was a good man and run off. Geralt can meet her a short distance away to speak with her. She will explain how Yorg was chained to the rock because he killed their fat and stinky uncle, Gretter, after flying into a rage when she told him that their uncle did "bad things" to her. The witcher will explain to her that's just how Skellige laws punish murderers even if their reasons were to save anothers life. She blames herself for Yorg's death for she only lied to Yorg about his uncle doing anything to her just because she didn't like him and stank. Geralt can then choose to either tell her that she's learned her lesson or tell her how he's freed Yorg and is bound to come back. If the witcher told her that he freed him, she'll thank Geralt and swear to never lie again. If Geralt told her that she's learned her lesson about telling stories about others, the conversation will end and Geralt will be rewarded with 10Tw3 icon xp.

Journal entry Edit

On a small beach on the shores of Undvik Geralt came across a man chained to the rocks, the tide threatening to engulf him. The man begged for mercy, swearing he had been framed for murder and unjustly punished.

If Geralt talked to Yorg's Sister:

In the village near the site of the man's punishment a group was preparing to bury the person the chained man had supposedly killed. Geralt's attention was drawn by a sobbing girl. He talked to her and learned the child blamed herself for her brother's death. When pressed for the reason why, she explained that her false accusations had caused her brother to fly into a rage and kill her uncle. In Skellige, there was only one punishment for killing a family member in cold blood: a slow death by the sea's embrace...

If Geralt didn't believe Yorg and left him:

Geralt did not believe the chained man's testimony and left him chained to the rocks, to meet his end at the mercy of the waves and the beasts of the sea.

If Geralt believed Yorg and freed him:

Geralt was convinced by the accused man's testimony and freed him from his chains.

Objectives Edit

  • Help the prisoner.

Trivia Edit

  • The quest may have been inspired from the legend of Prometheus on being chained to a rock for a bird to attack him every day as punishment.
  • The name of the quest may have also been inspired from Fyodor Dostoyevsky's book, Crime and Punishment, where murder is also done in pursuit of a higher purpose.

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