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Contract: Creature from Oxenfurt Forest is one of the contracts in game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Contract Edit

Contract: Beast in the Oxenfurt Forest
If you know no fear and seek work, read this notice, for the call contained therein will be of great interest to you.
Hans of Cidaris, soldier of fortune and veteran of many wars, hereby makes known the following: Being greatly concerned about the fate of the local peasantry, which suffers horribly from the attacks of some monster nesting in the forest near Oxenfurt, I have decided to grant a purse of Novigrad crowns to the man who slays this beast.
Yet may it be known that nay man who comes to me without a trophy shall receive no gold, but instead shall be tossed out on his arse so hard he shan't sit again till the end of his days.
Hans of Cidaris,
World-famous soldier of fortune,
veteran of numerous wars,
Honored member of the Order of the Lily

Journal entry Edit

Mercenaries are usually the ones getting paid for killing things. This time, however, the shoe was on the other foot: a certain Hans of Cidaris, a soldier of fortune by trade, had made it known far and wide that he would pay a handsome sum to whoever could defeat the beast that had made its nest in the forest outside Oxenfurt. Geralt decided to take on the job.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Talk about the contract with the mercenary
  • Examine where the monster attacked using your Witcher Senses (25XP)
  • Follow the leads in the forest to track down the beast and kill it. It's an Archgriffin.
  • (Optional) Examine a corpse in the beast's nest to find the letter

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