Count Romilly's journal (part 2) is a book in the Hearts of Stone expansion for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

It starts the quest The Secret Life of Count Romilly, and can be found on skeletal remains near the signpost of Arnskrone Castle Ruins. An ancient leshen guards the area.

Associated questEdit

Journal entry Edit

[Last pages torn from Count Romilly's journal]
A pox upon Anastasia von Bourmann, a pox upon her whole ploughing house! I've finally found a way to end this deadly little charade she's put on. The key to unraveling the riddle lay in a dusty old tome in my library. That little vipress was marked by a leshen! That is why the monster attacked my castle. There was only one way out of this situation...
I snuck up while she slept and throttled her. She didn't even manage to peep. Now I can finally leave my castle walls, thank the gods. The monstrosity has skirted off into oblivion along with that accursed child. That entire affair was a horrific error. I'm just glad the savings from previous missions are safely preserved in the castle treasury. I must recruit some mage, perhaps that will ensure I avoid such incidents in the future.