You take these notes from the Messenger and the end of the corresponding quest. They prove Maravel's guilt in attack on the convoy with king Foltest's children and his service to Nilfgaard.

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Maravel's letter to Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen
Your Excellency!
I am happy to report that Anais, Foltest's bastard daughter, has been handed over to the Kaedwenis in Your Excellency's name, as per our agreement. The girl is now under the sorcerer Dethmold's care, and he appeared to be more than pleased with the gift. I trust that since I have concluded my end of the matter, I can now expect swift closure thereof on Your Excellency's part.
Sadly, not all went as planned. Foltest's bastard son Boussy perished through a series of unfortunate coincidences. Yet when dealing with such complex situations rife with unforeseen circumstances, one must be prepared to risk certain losses. I mourn for the lad, yet I trust Your Excellency will see the advantages of this turn of events. Besides, can one really expect to cheat Fate?
Your Excellency's Faithful Servant,
Count Maravel