Corinne Tilly was an oneiromancer, a sorceress specialized in dream interpretation that Geralt met when he was looking for Ciri in Novigrad.

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In the year 1272, Geralt was looking for Ciri in Novigrad, and following Triss' advice, went to look for Corinne Tilly. He came to Rudolf de Jonkheer's house, who explained that Corinne was inside dreaming the house's history. Geralt went inside and found Corinne caught in an endless dream. Geralt found clues all around the house, which he followed down to the basement, and found a godling named Sara. The godling was the cause of Corinne's dreams and who, after Geralt asked, ceased her nightmares. In turn, Corinne helped Geralt by letting him dream about what happened to Ciri in Novigrad. This lead Geralt to Dandelion, who apparently had dealings with Ciri when she was in town.

If Geralt told Rudolf de Jonkheer the house was haunted: Geralt told Rudolf that the house was haunted beyond anything anyone else could do. Geralt later came back to the house and found Corinne and Sara living in the house, happier together than they were apart. This ending is required to do the quest Haunted House.

If Geralt banished Sara from the house: Geralt burned burdock, a type of plant, that caused Sara to flee the house and become temporarily homeless until she met another godling named Johnny. Corinne then moved into the house by herself.

Later that year, Geralt turned to Corinne for her services when he had to convince Ge'els of Eredin's regicide of Auberon Muircetach. She helped them voluntarily, and without her realising it, made it easier to defeat Eredin.

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Oneiromancy, the magic art deciphering the past and the future as they appear in dreams, is difficult for even a highly trained sorceress to master. Those born with the latent, however, excel at it without any formal education. Such was the case of Corinne Tilly, whose fame as a dreamer, as such diviners are known, had spread far and wide
This gifted woman could not only dream of past events herself, but also induce revelatory dreams in persons searching for direction or answers to specific questions. These abilities proved to be of great use to Geralt in his search.

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