The Patrol Gone Missing secondary quest is available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, found in the Nilfgaardian Camp in the far south east corner of the Velen (No Man’s Land) map. The quest is available on the Notice Board outside the Quartermaster’s tent, and you must ask the Quartermaster Tavar Eggebracht inside the tent about work. The Quartermaster informs Geralt that he sent some troops out to scout an area and they have not returned word and requests that Geralt find out what happened to them.

Summary Edit

Find the campsite pointed by the Quartermaster and finds the tracks of both armored and barefoot prints, which seems to intrigue him, and he follows. Midway along the path he crosses a scent, pass it up at first and find one or two corpses, and this will add the quest to kill the draconid responsible for the deaths of the troops.

Return to the scent you passed and follow it in either direction. Geralt is tracking the excrement!! (Be wary of Bandit camps and wolf packs along the way.) At the end of the scent trail the player can hear the sounds of a draconid and the objective marker displays the area. Fight the wyvern. Take a trophy.

Investigate the site and see that there are recently dug graves in the area and a necrophage has likely dug up the graves, but the wyvern supports Geralt's conclusion that it was a wyvern that slayed all of the soldiers. Still, the mystery of barefoot prints and why the soldiers left the camp in a hurry remains. (Note: The objective marker immediately tells you to have Geralt return to the Quartermaster, but there is more to this story and a reward at the end of another trail! Keep going!).

Find an area near a body that shows something was dragged. Follow that trail around and into the ravine and find the entrance to a cave. While looking in his Witcher vision, find a Witcher symbol at the entrance to the cave! Inside the cave find the bodies of the barefoot peasants that were lead through the forest by the soldiers. Also find the chest with Witcher gear inside! - Griffin Enhanced Silver Sword Diagram.

Return to the Quartermaster and Geralt informs him that he knows the truth - that the soldiers were not a simple scouting party, but were leading captured Redanian prisoners into the woods to execute them! Either accept or deny payment from this contract mission.

Journal entry Edit

Those who stray off the beaten tracks in the bogs of Velen rarely live to amend their error. Even the Nilfgaardian soldiers stationed in the Army Group 'Center' camp would at times disappear in the marshes without a trace. After yet another patrol failed to return, the quartermaster of the camp posted a call for some brave soul to search them out and bring them back, or, barring that, at least determine their fate.
From footprint to muddled footprint, from one broken branch to another, Geralt retraced what had happened in the woods outside the Nilfgaardian camp. Oblivious to the danger, the Nilfgaardian soldiers had strayed into a wyvern's hunting grounds. Their thick plate did not stop the ferocious beast from tearing them to shreds.
Further investigation revealed this already rather gloomy story had an even gloomier twist. They [sic] fallen Nilfgaardians had not been wandering the Velen woods on a run-of-the-mill patrol - they had gone there to kill Redanian prisoners of war and hide their bodies. What they did not realize was that the monsters of the swamp could sense the stench of rotting corpses even through thick layers of soil - and never pass up the chance to feed on the dead.
If Geralt accepts the quatermaster's pay:
The Nilfgaardian quartermaster brushed off Geralt's accusations of war crimes with a shrug of his shoulders. The witcher was disgusted by this response, but felt outbursts of indignation would not do much to change the course of the conflict, whereas a purse of gold would do a great deal to change his material circumstances. He thus took his pay and marched straight out of camp.
If Geralt refuses the quartermaster's pay:
The Nilfgaardian quartermaster brushed off Geralt's accusations of war crimes with a shrug of his shoulders. Though the watcher had most certainly earned his pay and needed the coin, he refused to accept the quartermaster's gold. Even a hired monster slayer has his principles.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the contract issuer.
  • Go to the abandoned camp.
  • Search the area using your Witcher Senses.
  • Kill the draconid.
  • Take a trophy.
  • Return to the Nilfgaardian camp.

Video Edit

Contract- Patrol Gone Missing10:21

Contract- Patrol Gone Missing. Geralt Kills Wyvern in Velen (Witcher 3 - Trophy Quest)