Claywich is a small village in southwest Velen situated to the north of Oreton.

Map description Edit

Every year at Belleteyn, a great feast is held in Claywich accompanied by games, song and dance. On that night villagers from far and wide come to celebrate, with passing travelers welcome as well. Shortly before midnight the youth in attendance race deep into the forest in search of a fern flower, and though no one has as yet found one, many have found their other halves, or at least a night of moonlight passion.

Notable inhabitants Edit

  • A merchant from Claywich sells Gwent cards. The merchant first needs to be freed from the Bandits' Camp on the large island to the east of Oreton and southeast of the Boatmakers' Hut.
  • The village also has a barber, but he must be rescued first from the west side of Velen.

Associated quest Edit