"We are an Craite! What others buy with gold, we buy with our lifeblood."
Harald of Fayrlund, clan's elder

Clan an Craite or Clan Craite is one of the seven most influential clans controlling the Skellige. Their territory is the northern half of Ard Skellig and founder of family is said to be Grymmdjarr Iron Fang, son of Hemdall and Heulyn famed for his strength, who carved Kaer Trolde keep with his own hands out of the enormous rock he drag from water's surface using only thickest chain.[1]

The clan has a long history with some members being Jarl's of Skellige and Konungs.

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Trivia Edit

  • Cráite means haunted, tormented/tortured or annoying in Irish.

Notes & references Edit

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