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We are an Craite! What others buy with gold, we buy with our lifeblood.
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- Harald of Fayrlund, clan's elder

Clan an Craite is the second most powerful on the Skellige and the most important ally of Clan Tuirseach, longtime holders of the throne. Its jarls reign over the northern half of Ard Skellig from Kaer Trolde citadel.[1] Legend has it that the keep was single-handedly carved out of a large boulder by Grymmdjarr, son of Hemdall and Heulyn famed for his strength, who then started the clan.[2]

Their colors are red and black, which they carry on their shields, tartans, and sails along with three black longships symbolizing either their marine prowess or mighty fleet.[3]

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Trivia Edit

  • Cráite means haunted, tormented/tortured or annoying in Irish.


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