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"Hemdall watches over clan Tuirseach. The blood of kings!"
Clan Tuirseach is one of the seven most influential clans controlling the Skellige. Their territory is the isle of An Skellig and founder of family is said to be Tyr, son of Hemdall and Heulyn famed for his cleverness, who defeated powerful bear named Yngvar with sword he forged when he ventured to deepest caves on archipelago.[1]

The clan has a long history with some members being Jarl's of SkelligeKonungs and one even King of Cintra. In terms of military, clan is different from rest with its skirmishers who are guarding landscape during peace and fighting enemies in times of war. Tuirseachs dress in blue colors with cloaks of bear-skin.

Members Edit



  • Folan[2] - fearless sailor and an unequaled archer.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Irish language (Gaeilge) Tuirseach means tired, while Taoiseach means chief. The word Taoiseach is also used to refer to the Irish Prime Minister.

Notes & references Edit

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