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TW3 tordarroch shield
"I've never been here before. Guess you could say I've never been fond of Clan Tordarroch. In fact, no one Ard Skellig's especially fond of them."
Folan about Undvik and clan
Clan Tordrarroch is name refering to Skellige clan native to Undvik. They were renowned for master smiths and excellent fisherman. A famous forge where the best tools and weapons in all of islands were once made belonged to them. They were ultimately driven off the island due to the Ice Giant.However some of them survived, hid on Ard Skellig, and later, after Hjalmar an Craite and his crew slew giant, returned and repaired former homes.
Significant plot details end here.

Members Edit


  • Harald Houndsnout - jarl of Undvik before and during attack of the Ice Giant.
  • Axel an Tordarroch - warrior somehow relative to Harald, served as jarl's bodyguard.
  • Vigi - warrior somehow relative to Harald, also known as the Loon or later the Unfearing.


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