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The deeds of Clan Heymaey will go down in history.
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- Skald

Clan Heymaey, also known as Clan an Hindar because of the holy grave located in their domain, is one of the seven most influential clans controlling the Skellige Isles. Their territory is Hindarsfjall according to legends given by Freya and Hemdall to heroic progenitor Otkell, one of Hemdall's sons.[1]

Distinction of this clan from other is their piety resulting from fact that Temple of Freya, greatest church for this goddess and holy grave of Hindar are both located here. This clan does not have some specific rival on Isles only some "classic" disputes with Clan Drummond.

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  • Sigrdrifa - high priestess of Freya and conductress of Temple to this deity located in territory of clan.

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