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"But use it to build a longship, and you'll eat your fill of what others've grown and bred. After you've taken their wenches and their gold, burned their home to the ground. That's how Clan Dimun lives."
—Jarl Holger Blackhand
Clan Dimun or also Clan an Dimun is one of the seven most influential clans controlling the Skellige islands. Their territory is Faroe ruled from Harviken. Members of house developed reputation of cheats, thiefs and marauders worse than any other from archipelago. Islanders consider Broddr to be progenitor of clan, quite strange as the hero was paragon of virtue.[1]

Members Edit


  • Holger Blackhand - dour-faced jarl who, even among Skelligers, was considered a brutal pirate and raider.
  • Halbjorn - nephew of Holger and one of the claimants to Skellige's crown, died during attack of berserkers.


  • Jutta an Dimun - shield maiden, sworn only to marry a man who can defeat her in combat.

Notes & references Edit

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