"Well... certainly wouldn't be those Brokvar cowards. They'll say it ain't so, but a hundred years back their jarl walked them off the battlefield just 'cause the enemy showed in greater numbers."
- Folan about clan

Clan Brokvar is one of the seven most influential clans of Skellige from Svorlag in northeastern Spikeroog. The progenitor is, according to legend, Sove who had to suffer a great deal until his father Hemdall and goddess Freya gave him Understanding.[1] The name of the clan is derived from the ancestral family steel sword Brokvar that was in the family for generations.

They are considered cowards by members of Clan an Craite and Clan Tuirseach since one of their jarls withdrew from a battle when he saw that the enemy showed larger numbers. In spite of that the clan is famous for its archers that are said to have no equal on any of the isles



  • Thormar - Jarl who, four generations before The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, organized tournamments in Hov.
  • Udalryk - Jarl and an enigmatic figure who was possessed by Hym until Cerys an Craite freed him.
  • Aki - Younger brother of Udalryk who died tragically on sea while fishing with his brother. 
  • Aki II - First and only son of Udalryk named after the jarl's younger brother.


  • Ulle the Unlucky - A ghost cursed to forever haunt the arena in Hov, never winning a battle.
  • Hjort - Druid devoted to the clan with all his heart, an excellent advisor to Udalryk.

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