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An clabater is some form of strange fish, as described by Caldemeyn in the short story "The Lesser Evil". Apparently they can be of interest to mages.

Notes Edit

  • In Danusia Stok's translation, the list of strange fish is one monster short. The original quote in Polish does not say "fishermen bring him the oddest fish — octopedes, clabaters or herrongs", but rather "fishermen bring him dziworyby, octopedes, clabaters or herrongs". The name for "dziworyba" is not translated into English.
    • To be fair, "dziworyba" does roughly translate to "odd" or "weird" fish, but in the original Polish text, it is listed as an instance of a creature, not a catch-all expression.
  • In German folkore, there is sea creature, a kind of water sprite, known as a Klabautermann. It's possible the reference comes from this tale.