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Ciri's Story: The Race is a main quest in Act I and second Ciri side-mission in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It takes place while Ciri is staying as a guest of Philip Strenger, the Bloody Baron. It occurs as part of a retelling by Philip to Geralt of Ciri's whereabouts.

"The baron treated Ciri like a daughter - no, better - for slaughtering a boar is sadly a delight few fathers think to share with their daughters. His men took an immediate liking to her as well, mainly due to her hunting prowess and passion for horses. One evening as they were celebrating a successful hunt around a bonfire, Ciri proposed a wager: if she beat the baron in a horse race, he would give her a mount of her choosing. The baron accepted the challenge.

The race was meant as a harmless diversion, but soon took a different turn. Ciri and the baron, riding neck and neck, had just caught sight of the tower serving as the finish line when suddenly a basilisk landed at its base and turned its terrifying gaze upon them.

Walkthrough Edit

Beat the Baron Edit

The quest opens up with Ciri, the Baron and his men sitting around a cheery fire with a pig roasting on a spit, thanks to Ciri's hunting skills. Respond to questions however desired. After a bit of joking around Ciri challenges the baron to a horse race and the baron accepts declaring that the race shall begin the following morning. The scene ends and the next morning finds both Ciri and the baron mounted and ready to begin a simple horse race along a path.

Race start

Ready to start the race

Race along the path indicated on the map, it is fairly easy to win although the race's outcome has no effect. Once Ciri reaches the finish line and the two riders exchange congratulations a loud scream is heard. Ciri and the baron both draw their swords and the story ends here for the moment.

The next objective given will vary based on the following conditions:

  • If the main quest Ladies of the Wood hasn't been completed, Geralt will receive an objective to search for further evidence of Anna's whereabouts.
  • If the main quest Ladies of the Wood has been completed, Geralt will receive the objective to report back to the baron with news about Anna and the baron will finish the story of Ciri and the basilisk which begins Ciri's Story: Out of the Shadows.

Maps Edit

Race map-0

Additional Info Edit