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Ciri's Story: The King of the Wolves is a main quest in Act I and the first Ciri side-mission in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This mission begins while Baron Philip Strenger is telling Geralt about his meeting with Ciri in the form of a flash back. Ciri is fleeing some unknown enemy through the forest and falls down a steep embankment into a pool of water before you take control of her movement.

Note: Ciri's movement controls are the same as Geralt's and she will develop additional abilities during later flashbacks. For now she will have normal movement, buffed with bursts of super speed, and combat controls with limited access to only the world map.

Quest Description Edit

"Fleeing the monsters of Crookback Bog, Ciri arrived at a dried-up branch of the Pontar"

Walkthrough Edit

Follow the Riverbed Edit

With the banks of the river being too steep to climb, there is no choice but to follow the river bed until coming upon a pack of three wolves below a tree branch on which sits a petrified little girl named Gretka.

Note: Gather whatever alchemy ingredients you can find, you will need some of them later in the quest.

Gretka wolves

Gretka looks down from her perch on three wolves prowling below

Kill the Wolves Edit

Dispatch the wolves and Gretka will join Ciri on the ground telling her story. Gretka tells a story of how she got lost following the trail of treats which seems to be a nice way of saying that she was sent away from her family because they could not afford to feed her. Gretka will also mention that she cannot return home because the Wolf King will not let her, foreshadowing a coming fight. Feel free to comfort the girl and then move along following Gretka as she leads the way home.

Follow Gretka Edit

No more than a few feet down the path will lead to another encounter with wolves.

Protect Gretka Edit

Once the wolves are spotted, Gretka will run and hide in nearby shrubs while Ciri fights no less than six wolves that had been feeding on the carcass of a cow. Don't worry about the wolves attacking Gretka, they will not. You will be given this objective each time you encounter wolf enemies.

Follow Gretka Edit


With the wolves defeated, Ciri calls Gretka out from hiding and they again continue down the riverbed until encountering half a small boat and the remains of a corpse mangled by a recent attack from and unknown monster. Ciri will order Gretka to stay back while conducting a closer investigation of the body.

  • The eyes - bloodshot and moist, he died recently
  • The head - his lips are parted and bloated; he bit through his tongue
  • The chest - crushed, with ribs piercing the fellow's lungs
  • The leg - something gnawed off one of his legs
  • The belly - the liver is missing

It is important to inspect the chest, legs and belly to conclude that these wounds were made by a werewolf. If not, then Ciri will incorrectly conclude that it was a fiend that caused the wounds. Depending on the conclusion Ciri will either prepare the correct or incorrect sword oil for the coming fight making the fight less or more difficult.

  • 1x Dog Tallow
  • 1x Wolf's Liver
  • 2x Fool's Parsley
  • 3x Wolfsbane (will be 3x mistletoe if wrong oil is being made)

Gather these ingredients and follow Gretka fighting a few more wolves along the way to protect Gretka. Once all the ingredients have been gathered Ciri will make a small camp fire near the mangled corpse to prepare the oil. Once all is ready, follow Gretka into an ominous looking cave and cut scene will start showing the "King of Wolves" a werewolf about to attack it's next victim.

Kill the Werewolf Edit

Ciri fights wolf king

A hefty werewolf must be cut down

This is a minor boss fight where you fight the King of the Wolves but fortunately Ciri may have come prepared. If Ciri did not gather all the ingredients before entering the cave the fight will be slightly more difficult. If Ciri mistakenly gathered the wrong ingredients and created the wrong oil, when struck the werewolf will use a skill called Full Moon causing it to increase and size and become a stronger enemy. See the creature page for information about this boss fight.

At the conclusion of the fight, Ciri can speak with an unidentified man she saved from the werewolf who will identify the body previously examined as being that of Yaren, a local villager who was returning from Midcopse. This man will take Ciri to the Baron's keep in Crow's Perch in hopes of a reward but will be flatly rejected.

The flash back ends here and returns to Geralt and the Baron speaking. The Baron has decided to let Gretka stay in the castle and help out in the kitchen The Baron refuses to reveal more information about Ciri's whereabouts until Geralt has helped track down the Baron's own wife and daughter. Choose whatever dialogue the result will be the same, the Baron will tell Geralt about the night his loved ones went missing and ask him to search for clues to find them. The quest ends here and the primary quest Family Matters begins along with the secondary quest Ciri's Room.

Maps Edit

King of wolves route
  1. Meet Gretka - Fight three wolves
  2. Protect Gretka - Fight six wolves
  3. Investigate Body
  4. Protect Gretka - Fight six wolves
  5. Enter cave

Additional Info Edit

Closing Quest Description Edit

"While trekking up the former riverbed, Ciri came across a girl named Gretka. The child spoke in a quivering voice of the fearsome Wolf King, who, in a twist straight out of a spine-tingling ballad, prowled the very path they needed to travel.

The Wolf King, it turned out, was in truth a common werewolf. Ciri slew it, but sustained a wound in the battle. A villager whom the werewolf had been threatening just before Ciri intervened thanked her for saving his life and offered to take her and Gretka to Crow's Perch, where the baron would feed them and tend to their wounds.

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