Ciri's Story: Breakneck Speed is a main story quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It is one of the quests with Ciri as the player character. The quest starts right after completion of A Poet Under Pressure, and chronologically follows the end of Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior.


Upon stepping outside from Whoreson Junior's townhouse, Ciri must find a way to flee towards Temple Isle. After some time, the gate leading to Temple Isle is raised. Beyond the gate are two horses, one of which Dandelion jumps onto, while Ciri can use the other to flee. After fleeing some distance, it becomes necessary to dismount in order to enter a door that leads to the Great Temple of the Eternal Fire. In front of the temple, a cutscene plays out in which Ciri and Dandelion knock over Nathaniel Pastodi, who calls the guards. Ciri manages to deftly defeat a number of Whoreson's henchmen, before a Temple Guard aims a crossbow at her. As the bolt is loosed at Ciri, Dandelion rushes to save her, before she uses the Elder Blood to teleport away unharmed.

Journal entry Edit

Ciri had defeated Whoreson and freed Dudu – but then the real trouble started. Junior sounded the alarm and we had to flee as fast as our mounts would take us. Our only possible escape route lead to Temple Isle.
Once on Temple Isle, our goose was truly cooked. Whoreson's men stopped being our main problem when we suddenly found ourselves surrounded by the Temple Guard. All possible escape routes were cut off and Ciri had no other option but to teleport herself away. As for me, while I put up a brave defense against overwhelming odds, in the end I was captured and tossed into a dungeon.

Objectives Edit

  • Flee towards Temple Isle.
  • Mount another horse.


  • Whoreson's henchmen and Temple Guards present along the route to Temple Isle and in the surrounding areas respawn infinitely.
  • Mounting a horse is optional, as it is possible to flee to Temple Isle on foot. Doing so may prove more difficult, however, due to there being many enemies along the escape path.