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Ciri's Room is a secondary quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in which Geralt search's the room formerly occupied by Ciri during her stay at Crow's Perch at the invitation of the Baron Philip Strenger. Ciri and Gretka, the girl she rescued in the woods near Lyndenvale were given shelter by the Baron. Ciri is no longer here but Gretka was allowed to stay in the castle helping out in the kitchen.

Quest Description Edit

"Having learned which room Ciri had stayed in during her time at Crow's Perch, Geralt, for whom any excuse to paw through others' possessions is a good one, decided to search it and see if she had left anything behind that might help him find her."

Walkthrough Edit

Examine the Room Edit

Looking for any information that can lead him to Ciri, Geralt searches the room that Ciri had occupied. The following clues can be found inside the room which is located on the middle floor of the castle across from the kitchens:


"Helping" out in the kitchen

Read the Book Edit

Open up the inventory and give the new text a read over to complete this objective. Ciri was researching curses for some reason. Additionally, the Baron and his wife appear to have friends in high places by the looks of the dedication in the book.

Talk to Gretka Edit

Gretka top

You found it!

Head into the kitchen which is just across the hall to find Gretka and speak with her. Geralt may ask for information about Ciri but Gretka seems to know little although she is trying to be helpful. She will show the witcher a special gift, a green stone, which Geralt says is very valuable. Give the spinning top to Gretka to complete the quest.

Additional Info Edit

Closing Quest Description Edit

"Though Geralt failed to find any breakthrough clues in Ciri's room, he was moved near to tears by the signs of her presence that he found there. They say witchers do not experience emotions as strongly as ordinary humans, but there was a powerful bond between Geralt and Ciri, and in that moment the witcher could not keep his heart from swelling.

As he searched he realized Ciri must have left Crow's Perch in a great hurry. But where was she hurrying to? That our hero did not know.

Trivia Edit

  • The special green stone that Ciri gave Gretka is not show during the cut-scene. It's purpose if any later in the game is not known at this time.

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