Chronicles of Clan Tuirseach is a book in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and is the court chronicler's tome in Castle Tuirseach. It chronicles the life of the witcher Gerd of the School of the Bear in his time in Skellige with Jarl Torgeir of Clan Tuirseach. It can be found in the chest by the old throne room of the ruins of Castle Tuirseach.

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... and so there was much rejoicing in the castle at the appearance of an itinerant monster slayer in the person of the witcher Gerd. Jarl Torgeir, whose face in the months since the death of his battle brother, Ingmar, had worn a listless and saddened frown, came alive with renewed strength. Jarl and witcher fast found common tongue, and soon were venturing on hunts together and hosting feasts at which there was no end of laughter nor bluster... [illegible]
...then Jarl Torgeir told Gerd of the hideous striga which prowled the ruins of Etnir, desecrating that once-proud fortress, which in happier times had stood a steadfast guardian of the northern expanses of Ard Skellig. The jarl's lament moved the witcher, who announced he would slay the beast. Yet witcher Gerd was a craftsman ever diligent and true, and so explained he first had to complete a prior contract and rid a cave on Spikeroog of sirens...[illegible]
And so the jarl gave Gerd a full pouch of coin and the services of Olven, Org's son, as a guide to take him safely to Spikeroog and, if the danger grew fierce, to fight the sirens at the witcher's side. His heart filled with gratitude, Gerd entrusted an armor diagram to the jarl, one he had long carried and held most dear, as a token of his sincere intent to return as soon as he finished his allotted task...