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The Chotla is a river which flows through Upper Sodden and Brugge. It flows in a southerly direction where it joins the Ina near the fortress of Armeria.

'They're heading for the city of Brugge. So the only sensible direction to escape is east.'

Milva glanced at the Witcher, who refrained from comment.

'And that's where we're headed, east,' Zoltan Chivay continued. [...] Then we plan to march along forest tracks until we reach the hills. Turlough, then the Old Road to the River Chotla in Sodden which flows into the Ina.

— pg(s). 77, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)

Tributaries Edit

Trivia Edit

  • the Chotla is a river in Poland, a tributary of the Radew.
  • The location of this river on game map provided with the game is known to be incorrect, where it seems to be in Temeria. The extent of the misinformation is unclear.

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