Tw3 Chort of White Orchard 2

Geralt against Cow Protector

Bovine Defense Force Initiative or simply Chort of White Orchard is, as the name suggests, a basic type of chort that Geralt of Rivia has to face with his silver sword in White Orchard if he kills more than 7 cows. This mechanic was implemented into the game with patch 1.05 as an answer to players trying to quickly get crowns with frequent meditation and then selling cow hides.

He is always over your level, meaning that while there is a chance to kill him, it is very hard and you have to be careful and watch out for his every move. NPCs like Nilfgaardian soldiers or Vesemir when you are in rear for first, will try to kill him also, but with minimum damage.

Hearts of Stone expansion Edit

In first expansion set in northern Gustfields, Velen and Draken Hollow (all in region of Pontar) you can find cow gwent card that will summon Bovine Defense Force card, clear reference to this mechanism.

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