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Cedric is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. Not to be confused with the former king of Temeria, he is a merchant and craftsman who can usually be found on or near the observation platform in Lobinden.

It is revealed that Cedric was once a Scoia'tael plus suffers of frecuent visions, however is not explained if this visions are about his Scoia'tael past or premonitions of the future like Jacques de Aldersberg (although Triss Merigold suggests the later), regardless, he usually spent the most part of his time drinking heavily triying to not having them, something that Geralt of Rivia admits that he understands very well.

Cedric sells various formulae for weapon oils, the formula for Mongoose and design for a kayran trap.

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Journal EntryEdit

For reasons that were not entirely clear, this wise and experienced elf had chosen to live among humans. He worked for the people of Flotsam as a lookout and trapper, and none had a better knowledge of the surrounding forests. Whether it was the local plants and wildlife or the dangers that lurked amidst the trees, Cedric was the local inhabitants' chief and often only source of information.
Heroism sometimes exacts the highest price. When Triss' life was in danger, the elf did not hesitate to defend her and was wounded - mortally, as it turned out. Thus Cedric died, though his sacrifice was not in vain.


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