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A few quests in The Witcher require Geralt to show up at a specified time of the day.

Quests which can be only be progressed at a certain time Edit

Note that this list is not complete!

Act Quest Step Start time End time Note
Icon Act I
She's No Early Bird (See note) None (See note) 7 PM / 19:00 11 PM / 23:00 Not part of the actual quest.
Icon Act III
Lock and Key The Salamandra Hideout 12 AM / 00:00 Unknown
Icon Act IV
The Heat of the Day The Noonwraith
The Mirror
A Mirror for the Noonwraith
The dead can hear a ballad
6 AM / 06:00
6 AM / 06:00
6 AM / 06:00
7 PM / 19:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00
12 AM / 00:00

Only available if you sided with Abigail in Chapter I

If you wish to help, please add the times for the Unknowns if you know them.

Notes Edit

  • The sun rises at 7 AM / 07:00.
  • The sun seems to set around 7 PM / 19:00.
  • In daytime, cities and the Outskirts are safe, but at night there are monsters about.
  • You can not pull your sword to run faster, nor can you use the Igni sign to light a campfire at daytime in the cities.
  • Technically these restrictions apply to all locations / times that are marked as Safe, in the top-right of the HUD.

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