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328px-Crown of a Prince of the Blood of France (variant).svg
Military Coronet of a Loyalist.svg

All Coat of Arms from witcher universe containing - crowns, laurels and so on. Its used in Northern Kingdoms to show realm power.

Civil Coronet of a Loyalist.svg

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Crown is often an emblem of the sovereign state, a monarch's government, or items endorsed by it; see The Crown. Crowns may also be used by some republics.

A specific type of crown (or coronet for peerage in the British Isles) is employed in heraldry under strict rules. Indeed some monarchies never had a physical crown, just a heraldic representation, as in the constitutional kingdom of Belgium.

Crowns are also often used as symbols of religious status or veneration, by divinities (or their representation such as a statue) or by their representatives, e.g. the Black Crown of the Karmapa Lama, sometimes used a model for wider use by devotees.

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