Catapult is a siege unit card and forms a part of the Northern Realms deck.

This card has the Tight Bond special ability, meaning that, when played together with another Catapult, the strength of each card is doubled. Each Catapult would then have 16 strength, for a total of 32. This can then be doubled further, to a total of 64, by playing a Commander's Horn on the siege combat row, or by using the leader ability of Foltest: The Siegemaster.

In most scenarios, the above play would make both cards vulnerable to Scorch, and the Scoia'tael card Schirrú.

Trivia Edit

  • In the final version of the third game, both copies of this card look identical. However, within the game's files there are fully complete textures for the second card. It is unknown why this other texture was removed.

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