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Tw3 Casteldaccia
Tw3 Casteldaccia 2

Casteldaccia is one of the world-famous vineyards of Toussaint.

Blood and WineExpansion Edit

Casteldaccia Abandoned Estate is located southeast of Flovive and south of Ardaiso Quarry. Place has the brooding atmosphere and is long abandoned making it home to a clan of unruly bandits.

Associated quest Edit

Map description Edit

Maximus Macrinus was once a knight errant famed for showing no mercy to any bandits prowling the Champs-Désolés. After a long and storied career, he hung up his sword at his ancestral manor and settled in for a well-deserved retirement. No one knows what brought about the subsequent murder of his entire family. Some claim a giant descended from the mountains, others, that he ran afoul of one of the larger hanses. The only undisputed fact is that everyone with any sense now avoids going anywhere near Casteldaccia.

Gallery Edit

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